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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Royal Weddings

I am seeing tulle everywhere. After making quite a few bridal veil and had them sent out by Speedpost, I am ready to try something new. I wish more brides will opt for vintage-inspired veil because I find them so feminine.My next project is to recreate a more modern version of the queen mother's veil.
The Late Queen Mother wearing a lovely veil.

 Here's 2 more pictures of royal wedding veil. The regal and the most beautiful Queen, Grace Kelly. I love the the lace and beadwork on the headpiece. The frame is made of buckram and wire. This will be another project in the making, hopefully during the March holidays.

Here's Mary of Denmark. She's (was?) Australian! I dreamt of her once, don't know why but it was a weird dream and I have almost forgotten what I dreamt. Hers is another version of a Mantilla veil but with a headpiece. I love to make a Mantilla Veil but because I have not seen one in real life, I don't know how to secure it to the head and where to buy the loop to hold the pin.

Here's a traditional mantilla veil worn by Jackie Kennedy. That's the kind I want to sew but I may do a Grace Kelly version, at least I can figure out how to attach the veil.

The next royal wedding is coming in April. I am no big fan of Ms Kate but I am curious of her wedding dress and veil. Until then.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bridal Veil

After making countless silk roses, I wanted a different flower and cut asymmetrical petals from silk dupion. The end product turned out quite stunning, pretty in its own way. The lace rosette and beaded flower add its charm.
If you are sharp, you will spot the needle. Just a few more stitches, and it will be done. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My silk flowers

Remember the second mini hat I said I am going to make? It's completed.


 This is a delicate hat with soft silk rose and lace. What is so lovely is the soft silvery white tulle that sits atop the head. I wanted to use some other materials other than Russian veiling. The result is amazing - the tulle is so feminine. If the pics are not so clear, that's becos I have added a soft focus to them. You will get clear pictures when I post it at my etsy shop.

I have been busy today starching silk fabrics and cutting petals to make these silk flowers.

I used dupion and habutae silk. Dupion is heavier weight and stiffer. What pleases me is the habutae, it turns out dewy and soft. But there's limited colors and so I will be dying them to the colors that I want. When I have done that, I will show you the final products here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decadent bespoke Belgian chocolate cakes

What lovely wedding cakes! And what a fun name too.


Ok, I have decided to revive some of my past designs. Mainly because so many of you have asked me about them and since I have the materials, why not? I will make again. They will probably not be available in time for next weekend at MAAD but once they are ready, I will uploaded to my etsy shop.

Like majority of my hair accessories, this comes with a detachable black satin lined headband. You can wear it with a hairclip by removing the headband.

Which is your favourite?

Mini Hats

Finished one mini hat! An off-white piece accentuated with beads and lace applique. Classic line and perfect for brides with a vintage theme wedding.

I am going to start work on a second mini hat. Here's the things I will need: shiny silvery-white tulle, 100% white silk rose, organza leaves with beading, white buckram hat base lined with lace, sinamay bias binding and toho beads. Can't wait to start work on this beauty. I will post the final result when I have finished.