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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My silk flowers

Remember the second mini hat I said I am going to make? It's completed.


 This is a delicate hat with soft silk rose and lace. What is so lovely is the soft silvery white tulle that sits atop the head. I wanted to use some other materials other than Russian veiling. The result is amazing - the tulle is so feminine. If the pics are not so clear, that's becos I have added a soft focus to them. You will get clear pictures when I post it at my etsy shop.

I have been busy today starching silk fabrics and cutting petals to make these silk flowers.

I used dupion and habutae silk. Dupion is heavier weight and stiffer. What pleases me is the habutae, it turns out dewy and soft. But there's limited colors and so I will be dying them to the colors that I want. When I have done that, I will show you the final products here.

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