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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Royal Weddings

I am seeing tulle everywhere. After making quite a few bridal veil and had them sent out by Speedpost, I am ready to try something new. I wish more brides will opt for vintage-inspired veil because I find them so feminine.My next project is to recreate a more modern version of the queen mother's veil.
The Late Queen Mother wearing a lovely veil.

 Here's 2 more pictures of royal wedding veil. The regal and the most beautiful Queen, Grace Kelly. I love the the lace and beadwork on the headpiece. The frame is made of buckram and wire. This will be another project in the making, hopefully during the March holidays.

Here's Mary of Denmark. She's (was?) Australian! I dreamt of her once, don't know why but it was a weird dream and I have almost forgotten what I dreamt. Hers is another version of a Mantilla veil but with a headpiece. I love to make a Mantilla Veil but because I have not seen one in real life, I don't know how to secure it to the head and where to buy the loop to hold the pin.

Here's a traditional mantilla veil worn by Jackie Kennedy. That's the kind I want to sew but I may do a Grace Kelly version, at least I can figure out how to attach the veil.

The next royal wedding is coming in April. I am no big fan of Ms Kate but I am curious of her wedding dress and veil. Until then.

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