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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lovely Silk Roses For Your Wedding

It takes a lot of time to make these beautiful roses. They are made from 100% silk Habutai and Dupion and are different from those artificial flowers you buy from florists. I don't know why the florists call their artificial flowers 'silk-flowers' when they are so obviously not silk.

Each petals are cut and prepared before curling and assembling. It takes hours to make one and that's why they are so unique as few people are willing to spend one whole days making a rose. But the effect is stunning and worth the effort!

Here's a few I have completed and will be setting them on hairclip and/or headband this weekend, together with birdcage veil. I think they are lovely, maybe not my photography skills. But this is the best I can do indorr since it is going to rain soon.

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