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Friday, March 18, 2011

Trip to HK

I just came back from HK. Yes, I do feel silly, spending $400+ on a budget airline ticket and stayed only for the weekend. But I needed a break and so yes, that's it. It has been a long while since I took a budget airline and it wasn't pleasant. The flight was ok, the plane was ok. Well, NOT the people. Why are the people less civilised compared with those on CX?  Anyway, can't be bothered to know as I doubt I want to take any flight from budget terminal again.

As usual, no photos. I don't bring camera nor take pictures when I travel. Everything is in my head. My brother drove me to 深水埗 on the second day. I couldn't find the white feathers I was looking but bought yards and yards of lace. Had my favourite hot and spicy 米线 at an eatery along Yu Chau St. It is a must- eat whenever I am in HK. Many HK restaurants have the Michelin rating and I began to wonder if it is easy to get a rating. Two restaurants I went to in 銅鑼灣道 have Michelin rating! My brother said they are HK Michelin! Interesting.

My brother and his family stayed in an apartment at NorthPoint in HK island.It is big with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets. I thought all apartments are tiny in HK? I feel uncomfortable because the apartments are so close to each other that you can see very clearly what your neighbours are doing from any of the windows. The people opens their windows and go about doing their things at home, and they can be nonchalant about the lack of privacy. As my brother puts it, "Welcome to HK".  I try to avoid eye-contact whenever I am near or walked past a window. It's just so weird to see your neighbours so near.
There is no place to hang your washing too. So everyone hangs their washing on the window and everywhere in the house. I didn't want that and had my laundry done for HKD32 per pound. All done in 2 hours time. I like HK island but I prefer to live in Kowloon. When previously, my brother's place was at Hung Hum, it was so easy for me to go to 深水埗 as the apartment provides complimentary shuttle to Tsim Sha Shui MTR.

Sometimes, I wish I live in HK. Why? The weather, the foods and the shopping, especially for someone like me who makes hats. I can get so many materials that I can't find in Singapore. Well, I live in hope that I get a chance. But first, I need to start buying lottery. No way will I be able to afford the high rent in HK.

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