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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding Blues

No, it not me. To do wedding accessories or couture hat?
I have wanted to just make bridal accessories but now am wavering a little. Millinery is my passion and making wedding hair adornments is my love. After seeing the gorgeous hats Jaycow made, I want to make hats too. Wedding accessories will still be my first love. I believe it is possible to love 2 things equally. First love need not be just one. Or is it just me who is fickle?

So, at my website and etsy shop, I will be adding hats. For the last week or so, I have been buying hat block at ebay. Not really a patience person, I wasn't successful at first. My style is bid on the maximum I am willing to pay, ONE bid. What happened is that the bidding got higher and it wasn't worth it to pay so much for a used block. So I control myself and made my one and final bid just a minute before bidding closes. So I have been more successful these few nights.

At the moment, I am the proud owner of 4 full size block and 5 fascinator blocks. One more to go - that's the one I want and I am willing to pay US$xxx for it. A brand new one from England cost S$400, so if I can get it at 50%, I am lucky. Afterall, I have already spent more than a thousand Sing Dollars on them and I have better get my act together and start making hats. You will get to see my hats soon. I know many people said that o one wears hats in Singapore. So what? The trend will pick up. I rather be the leader than a follower. It is so common to sell crafters following what successful designers are doing. They are absolutely good with their hands but they are not original. They see somethings that sells, they do that. Yes, I want to be the first milliner in Singapore. Well, I am already the first, haha! Just that, no one has heard of me. OK, I will show you a favorite hat shape - the cloche hat. This is the second block I bought from this seller at ebay. You will see my hats soon, I promise.

Cloche Hat Block from Poland

I have uploaded my new wedding hair accessories featuring 100% silk flowers using dupion and habutai. They are lovely, and I don't think I can make flowers from synthetic fabric again...just kidding, I am still making that because there will always be customers who want them. Do view my new hair accessories at my website:

 Do give me your feedback. Ta.


  1. You make the most beautiful flowers!

  2. Hi Yellow Rose
    Thank you for your kind words.I am still learning and hope to make more versions. I love roses a lot and I guess you too? Too bad, Singapore is too hot and unsuitable to grow roses.