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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cocktail hats cum fascinators

I made more cocktail hats these few days and will put them up for sale at my etsy stop soon. A friend wore my cocktail hat to the SIA Cup and helped to give out my name cards. Well, no big order came in but there was a surge in people who wish to join my mailing list. That's a great start.

US$70.00 /SING$88.00
  The wooden crown is about the size of an average head, so you can see the relation of size between the hat and head. The large ivory flower is made of satin and polyester chiffon and paired with ivory stripped coque feathers. The hat base is hand-blocked using buckram to provide shape. Ivory lace fabric is used with trimmings. To wear, pull the black millinery elastic behind your head.

I made another one but using Russain veiling and habutai silk for the flowers.

 This is in pure white colour and will be suitable for a bride who wish to be different on her big day. And also for a bride who wants to add height :}

This is how the hat is seen from the back of the head
There are more in peach, brown and pink which I will put up soon. Thanks for looking.

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