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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I want a poupée

I have scoured ebay france and uk looking for a  poupée . For the uninitiated, this is how a traditional poupée looks:
(If you are interested in hats, do read this lady's blog. She is from Spain and makes beautiful hats. She is also very talented)

Whereas in UK, it is known as Stockman Head. Whatever name, it is unattractive to many but to a milliner, it is an essential item. I learn the traditional art of millinery from a retired Royal milliner and as a result, my designs are skewed towards the English ways.

Milliner Stephen Jones once said, when asked what he thought to be an essential gadget: “The thing I use every day is a poupée, a fabric head. I build shapes on it, using any material at all; it can be a piece of velvet or a tissue – anything can look great as a hat”.

Stephen Jones, brilliant British milliner. Treacy studies under him. He is the real Maestro.
Milliner's poupée is unlike a wig form or wig stand commonly found at Ebay. Poupée has a nose and chin and it is a useful 'head' to build a shape or drape materials. I wasn't going to substitute with a wig form and finally, I track down a company in NY who still make traditional ones (in their Paris factory) minus the painted eyes and lip. The company specializes in couture dress form and supplies to French Haute-Couture industry and major American Luxury department stores.

A milliner told me she has a second-hand poupée from ebay UK that costs her 80 pounds. Well, if you know me, you know that I will pay if that's what I want. And I have learn (the hard way) that you cannot use cheap shit to make hats. I always believe to buy the best I can afford. So I am keeping my fingers cross that Stockman will reply  and sell me a poupée online. 


  1. Stockman does not even bother to return my email.

  2. Antigua Casa Balleste makes beautiful poupées too:

    1. OMG you are a life saver. Ever since I read about the poupee on your blog, I have been searching for it all over. I also wrote to Stockman, and of course, I am still waiting to hear from them. Thank you for this link. Thank you so much.