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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hat Making in London

There isn't much to I have developed a cold and really still contemplating if I should take medical leave tomorrow......

Here's some pics I have take during my trip to London in June. I am not the type who will take pics of everything. I get very annoyed when people insist on taking my photo after I had said no. I get Very Very annoyed. Once, I bought something and the seller insisted to have my photo and the bought item. Really, why can't people take no for an answer. That was why I stop buying after that. Okay, I have digressed. Here was the first parasisal hat that I made.

I know what I want to learn during my course. I have a cloche block and I want to use parasisal. This was the parasisal cone I have. It costs 8 pounds. So don't think that straw hats are cheap stuff.

After soaking the cone in water to soften it, I stretched it on a brim block by pinning it taut. Then leave it to dry.

Trimmed the rest of the straw and used it to block a classic round crown.

The straw has to dry first then pressed lightly.

Joining it up is rather tricky. The crown and brim ma not fit and there's a lot adjustment. This is the part that took up a lot of my time.

Finished the joint. All's left is the trimming. I've used a quarter metre to make a simple trim and will show the completed hat another day. It's still in my hat box and the hat box is still in my luggage. I have yet to unpack, having arrived in Singapore on a Sunday and started work on Monday.

But I will show you the second hat I learned. This time it was a top hat crown with a triby brim. The brim flip a little to the side as I want to know how it is done, should I buy a block this shape.
I used sinamay this time as I like the hat to be light.

The method is different since the material is different and the style/shape is also different.

The brim is in silver and both has to be dried after blocking. The completed hat.

At this time, I was waiting for both my cloche and sinamay hat to dry. So I took some pictures of my course mates and our workroom. The table was rather congested as you can see for yourself.

I use one in this shape but I use off-white sinamay. It is still work in progress as I do not have time to stitch it up.

Rose, pressing one of our works.

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