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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Millinery of Etsy's Project Runway Challenge

I bought a Suacer Hat Block but has been literally sitting on it until I decided to make a Saucer hat for Millinery of Etsy's Project Runway Challenge. Members have to make a black & white hat for Royal Ascot. Of course, it's not really making hats for the rich and famous at Royal Ascot, it's just a large group of milliners whose passion is to make hats and this challenge encourages fellow milliners to create hats. But to make it proper, the gals have gotten Scottish milliner, Mark Burke, to judge.

Before I show you my hat, take a look at the processes first. The traditional art of hand blocking, endless steaming, pulling and tugging, pinning.....take a lot of time.

Hand blocking and pinning

The presser is added to create the 'dent'.

The sinamay is cut to an oval shape and wired

When I finished listing to etsy, it started to rain and the sky gets really dark. Rainy days are my favourite. Yes, I love dark and overcast sky, I love heavy downpour. I love the rain so much that I even bought the sound of rain in a CD from a shop. It's 60 min of raining sound!

Back to my hats. These 2 cocktail hats pic turn out quite clear and I am going to make more of these as I think Singapore ladies prefer smaller hats. I was looking the images of celebrities invited to Singapore Airlines International Cup. I think the female celebrities and invited guests should wear something respectable on their head during the Singapore Airlines International Cup. Not wearing is bad, but to wear something like a costume headgear is disgusting. I don't know why this gal will put on several large ostrich feathers on her head when she was wearing a blue shimmery gown. If she has come to me, I could have made something more decent looking for her.

Here's 2 delicate hats that suit Asian faces. They are available for purchase at my etsy shop.

My recent 'love' is Kimono silk and have just placed an order from Japan. They are so lovely with their oriental flowers I will make mini cocktail hats with them. But that has to wait till July as I have quite many pieces to get ready before my trip next week.

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