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Monday, June 20, 2011

RE: Millinery Course in London

I am having a great time in London! The weather is chilly at night and just cool in the day, at about 20 degree Celsius. Yes, it rains everyday but the rain here is unlike the tropical storm in Singapore. Here, it's mostly drizzle but of course, it get colder when it rains.

My cloche hat in para-sisal and sinamay hat are getting there, albeit a little slow. It's not about how many hats you make. What is important to me is the technique. I want to make it right.

No much happens in London. The tube strike on 19 June was low impact and I didn't feel it. Probably because I hardly take the tube since I prefer to take bus in London. My weak knees cannot survive the labyrinth of stairs in the underground.

Today class was fun. There are 2 African ladies who are unpretentious and they also talk very loud and fast. But they are not bossy or 'overly-competitive'.  I have met ladies who just want to make as many hats as they could and they demand Rose's attention all the time. It was always about 'them' and they disregard the fact that there are other students waiting or that Rose needs a break for lunch. When they had to wait, they get grouchy and unhappy. I hope that this great atmosphere continues for the next 4 days.

I have no pictures to show in this blog. I will edit and add the photographs when I am in Singapore. Honestly, I have not bothered to find out how to use my i-mac. And that's why I do not know how to save photographs.

Another thing that is random - I saw a fox last night at the car porch. So excited that I peeped at it from the window. He/She is a daring one. pacing up and down, he was not even afraid when cars whizzed past. I wonder if he will come again tonight?

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