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Friday, June 17, 2011

RE: Royal Ascot, London

Here I am, in London.

While taking millinery lessons on Thursday and Friday, Rose took out a TV from her cupboard and we watched Royal Ascot. When the races started, everyone with their head bent continued one of these hat making processes, blocking, steaming, stitching or ironing. When the race ended, everyone's head up again to look at the ladies' hats and commented what we like or dislike. Unfortunately, it was the female commentator that got the most fluke from us. Usually for the non-sensical comments she made and today, it was her mess of curls that got everyone commented that she looked like a chicken in the rain.

I brought along a chocolate brown parasisal cone to block a cloche hat.

This is NOT a hat, it is just a cone. My hat block is a one-piece block and I thought it should be easy, just block one, like a felt hat. But Rose insisted hat I do it in two parts as this is the couture way. Also, I can create bespoke hats for customers who want the crown shorter or longer. Who am I to argue with the guru who worked for Rudolfs and Frederick Fox and later, made hats for the late Queen Mother. My cloche is not completed because I don't have the shade of brown thread.

So I started on a hat that I'm going to wear. Using silver sinamay, it was not enough to block the full hat. So I settle for a triby brim and a top hat crown. It's still work-in-progress, so I will show the completed picture another time.

Okay, back to the Ascot. Here's some pretty and not so pretty hats.

Ambers, the lucky filly got to wear a hat designed by Stephen Jones....and she managed to pull off orange and purple!

Here's a sample of Royal Ascot's Hats

If these hats are not enough to whet your appetites, there are, I think, 109 pictures of Royal Ascot 2011 Hats at this link.

Have a hatty day.

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