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Monday, July 4, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge's cocktail hats

I hardly see Kate Middleton wear full hats, you know what I mean. Those with a crown and a full brim, like what the Queen usually wears.

The Duchess seems to favour cocktail hats. When I was in London, I had been buying Hello Magazine every week just so to oggle the hats. Kate wears many saucer hats and it has become a trend in England. My hat block suppliers have been updating me on new saucer hat block. I already have one saucer hat block (same as the pic of Kate in the grey waffle sinamay) and have made 2 for the bazaar at Novena Square next weekend.

The Duchess wears saucer-hat style quite frequently. No wonder every hat block makers  is scrambling to make them. This saucer hat is made with black window sinamay. 
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This cocktail hat in taupe parasisal. I am still thinking if I should place an order for this block. With shipping, it will cost me nearly S$300.

A simple and sweet fascinator style. It looks like sinamay again.

This is the latest hat she wore to Canada. It's parasisal with matching flower s. The leaves should be in leather. This is an interesting block with fold-back.

The black beret-style hat is simple and chic. I have the block and will add beret-style to my shop.

Another saucer-hat and this is made with waffle sinamay. Since this picture, waffle sinamay has gone out of stock. I have placed my order but they will only available in September. Fancy one made with this sinamay? Don't worry, it will not cost you 899 pounds. I had this block for several months and now this style is tremendously popular.

The Brits love to wear saucer-hat perched in front. I love the style. 

An old picture (before her marriage), and Kate middleton wore a fur felt beret. So british, Love it!
As long as the Duchess continues to wear more hats, milliners like myself is more than happy.


  1. where do they sell the block for Kate's epsom beret thingy?

  2. Hi May
    I bought my kate's style beret from Boon and Lane at
    Speak to Steve Lane-he is very sweet and helpful.

  3. hi there, if you are blocking with waffle sinamay how many layers do you think you need to do?
    thank you, s xx