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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have you been to Red Dot Museum?

On 12 August, I attended MAAD's (market for artists and designers) first night event. I have been setting up a stall and selling my designs at MAAD since 2009 but never have I seen such a big turnout.

Here's a look at my table or rather suitcase.

I didn't carry many items as I did not know if I have enough space. My friend came well-prepared. 

Irene (smiling broadly) sells bags using fabrics from Japan. You can catch her work here. She carries a huge selection of pretty fabrics that she source personally whenever she goes back to Japan. You can choose the fabrics and she will make the bag for you. I like her bags as they are well-structured. 

The OIC (Organisation of Illustrators Singapore) attracts a large crowd as usual. 

Two of the presidential hopeful was spotted at MAAD. Dr Tony Tan was the first to arrive. Well, he was my 'ex-boss' when he was the Minister of Education back in Kay Siang Road days. He had a bodyguard with him, and an entourage of photographers.

What do we have in common? No, not the glasses nor hair. We had the same pose - hands behind. Coincidence? {Updated on 28 August 2011: Dr Tony Tan was voted in to become Singapore's 7th President on 27 August 2011}

Later in the night, another presidential hopeful, Mr Tan Jee Say was spotted. I hardly know him but he came across as easy-going, unassuming and witty. 

What do Mr Tan Jee Say and I have in common in this photo? We have a pen each on our tops....

If you have never been to Red Dot Museum (where MAAD is), you should. The next MAAD event is on 9 Sept (Fri) 5pm to 12 midnight. It's the school holidays and I am going to be there again. It will be less stressful for me as I need not rush off from school to reach there and start setup at 3pm.

Here's a Tupperware display that I like:

If you are free on 9 Sep, do drop by at Red Dot Museum.


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    1. Is this a hoax? My email to you bounced back.