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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Think Out of Your Hat

Okay, I know Singaporean do not have a habit of wearing hats. I remain optimistic that we will pick up hats as a fashion item and not just for bad hair days.

You wear hats on your heads...I know that's obvious but hear me out. A conventional hat is made of a crown and a brim. So if you wear a 'hat' that does not fit into the majority's idea of a hat, you are subjected to ridicule. I realise this more and more so when I read of cruel remarks hurled on hat wearers and designers, simply because they were not wearing conventional hats. When it comes to hat designs, the Brits top it all. I love British hat designers and besides the maestro, Jones and Treacy, I adore Jane Taylor and Rachel Trevor-Morgan for their elegant pieces and Irish designers, Mark T Burke and Lina Stein are young milliners that I admire.

Outside UK, people are not too kind with certain British designs. Why do you not consider these hats?

I wanted to make hats like this when I laid eyes on this picture.

Reading all the comments that ridiculed this hat and SJP but my first thought was "omg I love this hat! It's so bloody amazing and how was this hat made?" The designer is none other than Philip Treacy who designed this awesome sculpture. How many times have I use 'awesome'? Guess I get a high whenever I see hats that defy law of gravity.

When Philip Treacy appeared in Project Runway with his signature hats, there were nasty comments made on his hats by people mostly from you-know-where. Of course, the single one hat that unites all people in this planet is none other than the one wore by the Princess (I can never figure which is B and which is E) at the Royal wedding. I do not have to say it, do I? You know the one that was so well-made in its execution that I wish I have that level of skills. Sorry if you hate it. I love that hat, just that the wearer could not pull off the look.

These hats got the nay from many people.

What's wrong with these hats? Nothing. 

Look at the hat that Stephen Jones and Vogue Magazine picked as the winner of a hat competition. 

This hat does not fit into the mould of a traditional hat. It's a hat. But it's not your idea of a hat.

I like saucer hats. This is one hat that many people hate. For what reasons? I don't know. Maybe the UFO conventions and those tin-foil saucer-like hats?

I like saucer hats. Because I like, I will make. And I will make many variations. For I know you will like them too, not's okay. But you will.  

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