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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The truth, nothing but the truth

This is going to be a painful weekend. Nothing to do with the crucification of Jesus or the fact that many of my catholic friends been reminding me, "no meat ok, don't forget and must go church on Friday ok?" Whatever.

My pain comes from vpost who has once again "misplaced' my parcel. Come on dude, the item came to my house once, so it's in Singapore. How can you not find it for the 2nd redelivery? The fact that I pay US$480 for them and then vpost charged me S$110 for shipping add to the pain that I may just have a stroke before this post is completed. Just last week, without any aggravation or traumatic happenings in my life, my doctor asked with great concern if anything has recently happened because my hypertension is a high of 190. Paying S$9025 for my teen's 6 month school fees? You don't need to be a doctor to guess what's my blood pressure is right now.

As I have never been a very 'normal' person, maybe I should have taken my prozac before I lashed out at the robots at Vpost. Well, too late, I have already swung my lethal claws on 2 robots disguised as human beings on the phone and 2 equally venomous emails to unfeeling robots who will churn out standard answers.

The truth is I have this raging anger in me that I am glad because it let me forget about the pain in both my knees. Knee pain makes me forget about food too. Prozac makes me want to eat. Faced with the 2 Ps, I rather have pain.

Jolly glad that I am not selling any hats at bazaar this weekend. I will eat people who squeeze, press and mishandle my hats. The truth is MOST time, I am fuming when people tries on nearly all the hats BUT I know and they KNOW too that they have no intension to buy.

The truth is I HATE people fingering my hats especially after trying EVERY SINGLE HATS or nearly all the hats and especially the couture range that are most expensive, and then they said, "I don't know when/where can I wear or I don't have any occasion to wear".  WTF! If you have no intention of buying, why add to the wear and tear. $^&%% and stay away from my hats!  I may put up a sign forbidding people with greasy hair, dirty fingers and those with food to stay away. Or I should have one that say. " Once try on, Consider sold".

Last week, I placed a sign : "No Trying On Children". The venue been a large shopping centre and my next door neighbour were balloon artists. So there were many excitable and not forgetting spoil-bxxxs. One burly, swollen-looking father still insisted on placing my hats on his malnutrition-looking and equally ugly daughter. Another obese boy with learning difficulties (since he can't understand my pictoral sign and the words) tore a cocktail hat from my mannequin and wore it on his head. He squealed like a pig because a pin on my hat pricked his head. I wonder why I smile so sweetly at him seeing his pain and the fact that I find all boys (who are of primary school age) dirty and smelly. You will too if you have taught primary school boys and they swarmed all over you after their recess. Lucky for me, I was posted to a secondary school, well, the boys are still dirty and smelly but they don't swarmed all over me.

Good-intention people usually tell me to say only nice things in my blog for fear that it will affect my business. I don't fear nor care as I am not here to earn a living. I am doing what I love, making hats for people who love hats. And my price is a fraction of what they pay overseas. When customers come to my stall, I can tell. People who know hats, wear hats and appreciate my hats - I can tell from the way they speak and the way they handle my hats. They exude a certain confidence and manner. They may not buy any item from me but I will gladly help them try on my hats. Simply because they respect my hats, my designs and that understand the hard work for it takes me 10-35 hours to hand stitch one hat.

The truth is I know you when you stop at my stall. I just know.

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