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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Perchers

I dislike the term, fascinators. Seriously, why is a few sprig of feathers glued to a headband called a fascinator? And in Singapore, the ladies like to call any hair accessories with feathers - fascinators. My cocktail hats are also called fascinators by them too. So what is a fascinator? Who coined the term? I am just too lazy to find out. Anyway, I much prefer to call my cocktail hats , well, cocktail hats or perchers.

These are my perchers or cocktail hats. Don't call them fascinators, please.

It's Labour Day and I was stuck at home since I don't fancy going out with a walking stick. So I ended up watching re-runs like Hell Boy, Meet Joe Young and a coupe of Disney Movies on the tele. My teen wasn't at home as she has gone to work at this amazing place selling terrarium, The Plant Story.
They are not the only one selling terrariums in Singapore but they have the most aesthetically pleasing terrariums and in my opinion, the most beautiful terrariums.

A couple of months ago, way before paying my daughter's school fees, when I had more 'disposable' income, I chanced upon an Ebay shop selling vintage collectibles and amongst them were these vintage millinery flowers. Now, these ain't the CHEAP AND NASTY flowers you see at shops. They are made in velvet and silk. Well, what's the big deal? You can get millinery flowers at etsy and ebay. Well, the deal is they are cheaper than most shops and no shipping cost. Yeah, what a bargain.

I adore these white Pansy and used to grow lots and lots of them at my front porch and back yard when I was living in Edgewater, Western Australia. They are not typical wedding flowers but I am gonna sew them to natural colour sinamay.

These tiny white lily originated from Japan and I will be using them in a bridal hat.

I have a bazaar on Friday at MAAD (Market for Artists and Designers). Hope to see you. I am getting my fries (guilt-free fries as I cooked them in my new Philip's Airfryer - where deep frying is done without oil) ready as I await for "Hannibal Rising" to start in an hour times.

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