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Friday, June 29, 2012

Gearing for Christmas 2012

I didn't travel out of Singapore during June Holidays. I seemed fine on the first week as I was working on my work studio and clearing the mess and dirt carpenters had left behind after removing some partition built by the previous owner. By second week, I started to feel 'hollow' and weak whenever I saw people with luggage waiting for taxi and when I saw Bus service 858 (that is the express bus to the airport). So many times have I wavered and checked flights to go to BKK and  HKG. End of the story is I sticked to my plan and did not go on a holiday.

If you can't figure what's the big deal, you need to know the type of person I am. I work 5 months (24/7 and up to 10 hours a day) without taking any leave just so that I can have at least 2 week of vacation overseas. I seized every opportunity to get out of Singapore - to refresh, to recharge.

I used the money saved for vacation to order stocks. So far, I have bought 4 new and 1 pre-owned hat blocks, ordered bales of veiling, sinamay fabrics from England and alencon lace and vintage millinery flowers from USA. I am now only short of petersham ribbon and snow white sinamay which is out of stock.

These are what I have bought.

Velvet Millinery Roses

Peacock feathers that are bleached and dyed

Pastel and printed sinamay fabric
Sinamay fiber comes from the abaca plant, native to the Phillipines, which is a variety of the banana plant and abaca fiber is extracted from this. When woven the material makes a gauzy lightweight natural material with a strawlike appearance. The UK company that sells these Sinamay fabrics sourced the hand-woven fabric from plantations and villages that benefits directly from the sales of these fabrics. Colours are dyed in UK.    

Large box of arrow quills and dyed pheasant feathers.

Love the colours!
All these is to get ready for Christmas. What? So early? I teach full-time, and since school starts this week, I have not done any sewing. I have a class test coming up and a common test to be submitted for vetting on 1 August. Then theory and practical exam to be set by early September. I am down as time keeper/holding officer for oral exam and I dread the numerous meetings coming up to discuss the school holistic health report. There are more tasks to be done but I don't want to think about it. If I do not start making hats, I will not have enough stocks to do a long week of bazaar. I want to save more money as I am planning to take no-pay leave in July-August next year.

I am happy that the Garden by the Bay is ready. The person who designed this is pure genius. Singapore has been building new structures, 2 casino, universal studio theme park but none as awe-inspiring yet so beautiful as the Garden by the Bay. I can't wait to see it myself when the weather is cooler. Here some pictures I got from dailymail many week ago. I leave them to you to see and if you are planning a visit to Singapore, this is not to be missed. 

These man-made trees are fitted with solar panels, hanging gardens and rainwater catches and will be used to display plants from across the globe

My favourite photo

On the left is Marina Bay Sands, it's a deluxe hotel with a casino. The boat structure on the top floor is the sky garden. Another awesome place to visit - I mean the sky garden, not casino

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