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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't want to turn back the clock.

Unlike my friend, Jane from Projects By Jane, I do not want the clock to stop.

But like her, I want to have more time to prepare for the Christmas Bazaar that both of us have signed up at Vivo City. The rental has gone up for Dec and on top of that, both of us have to pay commission from our sales. So I do not want to lose money due to lack of stocks. Both of us designed and hand-made our products and that takes time. If we design and pay someone to sew for us, then it's different, I can churned out lots. But millinery is not something that you can just teach someone for a couple of hours and they can master it. After doing this for more than 2 years and with sewing background, I find that there's so much more to learn.

I don't want the clock to stop because I had a shitty October, as least for the first part. I want my year-end holidays to start, once I finished my invigilation duty for GCE O level. Someone at work been really nasty and I finally putting up for 2 years, I told her off. She decides to ignore me which to me is like, YES! I can handle that very well, thank you very much. Should have done that earlier...:}

My laptop was stolen from the staffroom and i had to pay for it because I did not secure it that day. Yeah, and you think TEACHERS are morally upright who impart values? My daughter asked for a new laptop for school too, so I want to make sure that I sell enough to make some money for Christmas.

I know my headbands sell well, even though that's not an area that I am keen, they bring in the money. Yes, I made 100! I also made small fascinator-hats catered to Singaporean's taste. I don't like them very much but the ladies like small dainty things. Nope, they won't be sold at my website, these are what I classified as Bazaar Stocks. One-off. No more.

My new website is nearly done. It's a NEW NAME! Still keeping Forest Flame for a while - and may retain the address for the more affordable hats that are under S$100.  Have made up my mind yet, though.

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