Forest Flame Millinery

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello everyone!

I have stopped posting here when I couldn't remember my password to this blog. Somehow, I played around with a few options and I got it.

This blog has really helped me to gain new customers for my hats and I received many enquiries in the past. But writing lengthy blog does not seem appealing now when you can just post a one-liner at instagram which will get repost in FB and twitter. How convenient can that be.

And there is the fact that I have ditched the name, forest flame. Why? I don't know. A new beginning for my journey of millinery? I am using my name now. It is But procrastination is what I do best, in fact I can get distinction with honour in Procrastination. I have yet to work on my website. It is so tedious and boring. All the little instructions and words bore me to death. So I can imagine how my students feel when I want to shove chunk of theory down their throat on many hot afternoon.

For now, I'll leave this blog at forestflame....

If you still like me and my hats (how can you not like me?), pop over to my FB page. That's where I lurk most of my time...even on hot afternoon when my students are pouring over pages of assignments and I pretended to mark their work buy secretly hiding in FB. Oh yes, my page is